Top 10 Best UK Web Hosting Reviews & Comparison 2019

Searching for web hosting in UK, there are a lot of web hosting providers operated in UK and everyone is offering different products and different services. Choosing a right web host that is secure, reliable, and fast is a time consuming and difficult task, especially with so many web hosts to choose from. So our top 10 best uk web hosting reviews is here to help you to choose the right web hosting company for your website or blog. We provide detailed analysis and genuine reviews of the top ranked UK web hosts on the internet. View our top 10 UK based web hosting providers, updated in July 2019. We have listed the most popular and most reliable web hosting companies from the UK web hosting market.

Why do you need UK web hosting?

If you are living in UK, searching for web hosts to accommodate your website and blog. We recommend you to host your website locally. UK web hosting offers many benefits to local customers. There are various benefits in hosting your website with a UK based web hosting company and these are:

  • Local Technical Support - This is best advantage of local web hosting where Customer can visit the technical staff and discuss the concerned issue face-to-face. Most of the Local hosts company provide 24×7 technical support.
  • Faster Website Access in locally hosted websites
  • Greater server uptime for locally hosted websites
  • International internet links break.
  • Improves geographical SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

UK web hosting comparison 2019

Choosing the best UK web hosting is an essential step when creating your business website. The overall function of your web resource will greatly depend on the choice.

Hosting providers have been divided into two main groups, namely shared web hosting and free web hosts. Due to the vital role that your web host plays in the growth and success of your site, it is a must to be extra careful in making a choice.

In this article, you will be able to get a glimpse of some of the most trusted UK web hosting companies. You can learn about their features, pricing and the services they offer. Through these comparisons, hopefully, you will be able to find the best UK web hosting that will suit the needs and requirements of your website and business as a whole.

Hosting ServicesPrice
FeaturesOur Score

Siteground UK Web hosting


  • Recommended by Wordpress
  • Free Domain, cPanel, Free SSD
  • Choice of Data Center (UK, US)
  • 30 Days Money Back, Free Backup
Siteground Rreview


Webhosting Uk


  • Free Web Site Builder, cPanel
  • 30 Day Money Back, Free Domain
  • Unlimited Domains & Emails
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
WHUK Rreview


Godaddy UK web hosting


  • 1-Click Install WordPress
  • cPanel, 30 day money back
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Hosting.co.uk Rreview


Godaddy UK web hosting


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Domain, 1-click install
  • 24/7 phone/email support
Godaddy Rreview


123-reg UK web hosting


  • Free UK domain name
  • UK data centre, Expert support
  • One-Click WordPress hosting
123-reg.co.uk Rreview


Not all the web hosting providers have the domain ccTLD (".co.uk") mean UK local hosting service. Most of the users are confused with this. Above list are the top 10 UK based web hosting companies with good reputation. Most of the companies list above has local technical support and data centre in UK.

UK web hosting reviews 2019

SiteGround »

Established in 2004 by several university friends, SiteGround has little by little by steadily grown into a premier UK web hosting provider. With SiteGround, you will be paying a bit more for a bit less in terms of technical features. However, the solid customer service, solid security and tutorials are what make the UK web host very friendly for new webmasters and small businesses.

With just a handful of people who work from their university dorm rooms during the initial startup days, the company now employs over 400 workers and is growing on a constant basis. They are the proud host of over 500,000 domains with the figures continuing to add up by the hour.

SiteGround integrated with CloudFlare for enhanced security and performance. They also offer automatic backups. Users are also allowed to choose their server locations. They also have phenomenal support materials as well as outstanding customer service.


Webhosting UK has been established in 2001, with their main goal of which was to provide the finest quality of top of the line services and guaranteed customer satisfaction that suits all budgets. From the time of their launch, Webhosting UK has a steadfast commitment in offering their customers with easy to use and effective web hosting services which are backed by exceptional 24/7 quality technical support combined with a topnotch server uptime.

This UK web hosting provider also offers leading services which are supported by the most knowledgeable technical support team and seasoned system administrators in the UK. Their team is composed of Microsoft and Red Hat Linux certified professionals together with tech savvy developers. They have in-house network technicians and managers and they do no outsource their projects to external companies. They make use of the highest standards of technologies complemented with a careful monitoring in a multi-tier environment.

Hosting.co.uk »

Hosting.co.uk is also among the leading UK web hosting service providers you can find today. The company is known for their fully secured and ultra-fast services which are offered at incredible prices. They also have a complete programming support, private email, cPanel control panel, and a reliable infrastructure. Some of the services they offer include web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, business email, dedicated services with cPanel, cloud apps and services. They have put in place a customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Customers of Hosting.co.uk can expect for free web hosting migration together with a secure and reliable online presence. There are also eCommerce stores which require performance and reliability. The company is known for offering exceptional webhosting services at the best prices you can find in the market.

Godaddy »

Go Daddy is also among the most trusted web hosting companies. They are primarily based in the US but they know have specific hosting services meant for UK websites. Go Daddy is among the biggest in the web hosting game and is possibly the most popular one as well. They are the world’s largest domain name registrar with tens of millions of domain names included in their portfolio.

Their cheapest packaged is being offered at a decent price. Similar with majority of web hosting providers, they offer free restore and backup, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. They also have unlimited storage of as much as 100GB for their economy package with a bandwidth and free domain with their annual plan.

One of the nifty features offered by Go Daddy on all their packages is the ability to increase the hosting capacity on demand, such as every time you experience sudden traffic surge from your hosting account.

123-Reg.co.uk »

123-Reg.co.uk is by far the biggest domain provider in the United Kingdom with more than 3 million domain names registered. They also host more than 1.7 million sites right now.

No matter what your business might be, you will be able to get this online with the help of 123-Reg. The company offers a winning combination of extremely high quality and technically advanced but cost effective online products like website hosting, domain name registration, and business email hosting to help businesses start their online journey. User friendly, effective and smart online apps are the key enabling everyone, regardless skill level, to unlock the complete power of the web.

Many of the UK web hosting services found in the market today usually dazzle their customers with their extensive array of features, state of the art technology and others. Only a few can provide what people expect from a web hosting company, all the perfect support and tools bundled to a single package. It is what allows 123 Reg provide customers with great hosting plans.

Advantages of Using a UK Based Web Hosting Company

Many site owners have already discovered the benefits of choosing a reliable UK web hosting company and some of these include the following:

Local Technical Support

Assuming that the UK web hosting provider has an exceptional support infrastructure put in place, it is typically easier to deal with a company based in UK than in other countries. Most of the time, a UK company will have a standard or free rate phone number manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together with a reliable ticketing and desk system.

To be fair, most overseas companies combat the time difference between their country and the UK with facilities for live chat and long service hours. However, it would be easier to deal with a company within a similar time zone.

When looking for a potential web hosting provider, it is a must to look into their support facilities. There are some UK web hosting companies have their own local support staff while others may also outsource the service abroad.

UK Web Hosting is Faster

Without a doubt, speed is everything as far as web hosting is concerned. Search engines like Google consider when they rank sites and if you like web traffic, you will harness all the benefits you can get. For instance, if you have two different hosting providers that run the same high end servers, one is based in USA and the other is in the UK, which do you think will run faster for UK visitors?

Well, the answer is very simple – it would be the UK web hosting provider, with everything boiling down to latency. When your web hosting is located far from your target audience, there will also be greater distance to deliver the data packets and this can result to web pages with slower loading.

Again, if your target customers are in the UK, you can benefit from faster loading web pages since the server will be closer to the location of the customer which improves response and loading times. Usually, when a visitor finds it hard to access a page in 3 seconds, chances are they will leave your website and never go back, ever again.

SEO and Ranking

Another thing you have to consider is the geographic IPs. Why are these important? Again, we will come back to Google. If you are after more web traffic, Google is king. Providers of UK web hosting will use UK IP addresses, which will then rank higher in the search engines in the UK than a site which uses a USA IP, for instance. Google is going to rank a UK IP address much higher since they regard this more relevant for the audience in the UK, which makes sense why you should use a UK web hosting provider. Together with the speed benefits, if you will do business in the UK and anywhere in the EU, then a site hosted locally as in the United Kingdom is going to rank higher for web searchers based in the UK.

Tips for Choosing a Good UK Web Hosting Services

There are many things you should take for consideration when choosing a good UK web hosting solutions and these include the following:

  • Bandwidth and Disk Space - These factors aren’t the most important ones when it comes to web hosting. But, these are still a consideration because these also play a role in getting results.
  • Price - Oftentimes, consumers look for the cheapest hosting service available. But, what they don’t know is that rather than looking at the prices when choosing a server and domain provider, start comparing the actual services they offer first. Knowing their server locations, support available, and ensuring that UK domain is included in the package will help you get the best value of your investment. Not selecting a UK web host properly can cause you lots of headaches including excessive downtime, slow web response, unprofessional support, and some issues that can get rid of if you will make a wise choice at the very beginning.
  • Domain Integrate in the Hosting Package - If you order a server from any UK web hosting providers out there, they will provide you the domain’s maintenance and registration with no additional fees. Aside from the fees, the integrated renewal and registration process also makes your life much simpler. Rather than renewing things and making separate payments, you can make it in one and have lesser things to worry about.
  • Server Location - Web hosting providers were priced lower than in UK. But, some don’t consider this as a good idea in hosting a website in the server that’s located in some countries if your audience is mainly in UK. Companies that have servers based in UK provide fast connection.

Aside from those mentioned factors, the reputation and reliability of a UK web hosting service provider are also important as this will help you get a great service.

Questions to ask a web host before buying UK hosting

Can I host more than one website on my hosting account?

Some hosting providers will allow you to host more than a single website on your hosting accounts. There are also others that don’t allow this or sometimes, they ask for extra charge.

Do you take backups of my website?

Numerous hosts provide a basic backup plan that backups your data in a periodical manner. They also provide a more advanced plan that backups your site on a regular basis.

Are there any gains to going with a UK Hosting provider over a USA based one?

There are numerous benefits of considering UK hosting provider than a USA based one, especially if your targeted audience is mainly in UK. Yet, more often than not, the perks may depend on your audience and needs.

Can I upgrade my web hosting plan if I need to?

There are times that you need to upgrade your web hosting plan. If you think that you’ll upgrade from basic to premium package, choose a hosting provider that allows upgrades.

Do you offer unlimited web space?

Many hosts provide unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. It just means that in many cases, you do not have to worry about the hidden charges. But, several hosts still charge fees that are based on usage. Just ensure that you understand such fees in advance.

Do you offer Money Back Guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with the service of a UK web hosting, a money back guarantee offer may come in handy. With this, you can be assured that you will get your money back once you dislike their support or anything about their service.

Does my UK Web Hosting include free pre-installed scripts?

It is important to check if your chosen UK web hosting offers free pre-installed scripts. If your preferred UK web hosting doesn’t provide such scripts, it’s up to you if you will continue working with them or find another one.

Are you going to provide free domain registration service or I have to buy one?

Several hosting companies like Bluehost would provide you a free of charge domain name once you buy a hosting account. Other companies would charge for extra fees for the domain in terms of checkout.

Do I have to pay extra for technical support?

It’s rare with most hosts. But, there are a number of hosts that’ll try to charge you for technical support and you should avoid such hosting providers.

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