Godaddy Renewal Coupon 2019

Before we proceed to the exciting details of the offer we take a quick look at the company that is GoDaddy Incorporated. GoDaddy is widely and highly popular among other website operators over the internet for its smooth domain name registration, renewals as well as trouble-free hosting services. It is ranked as one of the most visited and trusted websites on the internet with an Alexa rank of 213 as recorded in the year 2018. It is the best domain registrar in the current market scenario for they offer discount on new domain registrations, renewals, hosting, etc.

Today we bring to you an attractive offer for all of your website renewal requirements like domain name renewal or a hosting renewal. All of this right form the house of the internet tech giant GoDaddy Inc. The Godaddy renewal coupon codes for various services offered by GoDaddy are as follows.

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GoDaddy Inc. is an American based tech company that is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company specializes in internet technology and provides services like domain registry, hosting of websites, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification etc. The fact that today ‘GoDaddy’ is a ubiquitous name in the internet services space is indicative of the extent of popularity of the services offered by GoDaddy. They have earned a reputation in the market for reliable and efficient service and are widely known for their plans that are customized to the individual needs of the customers. It is no surprise then that GoDaddy is the market leader in the industry and has been recognized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the governance body for the internet, as the worlds largest accredited domain registry. Since its origins as Jomax Technologies about 21 years ago, GoDaddy has steadily increased its customer base to a present size of about 17 million customers worldwide. The company employs about 6000 people worldwide to manage its operations. The company today is headed by CEO Scott Wagner and has posted an impressive revenue of over 2.2 billion USD the last financial year. The company continues to be the go to website for any internet hosting or domain registry services and holds the 187th rank on the list of most popular websites by Alexa. The company has been in the news for the last few years for many controversies regarding its advertising practices and other claims regarding censorship of content on the internet.

One of the basic requirements for the running of any website is to rent the domain name from a domain registry. This domain name registrar is a company that is accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the global internet governance body, to reserve domain names for use on the internet. This includes both the reservation of the generic top-level domain as well as country code top level domain. The data pertaining to the domains registered is stored with the domain name registry whereas domain name registrars are contracted to provides these domain registration options to the general public. One of the biggest domain registrars around today is GoDaddy Inc.

Another essential for running a website is the presence of server where the content of the website is hosted so that it may be accessed by anybody connected to the internet. This server may either be physically present or a remote server may be rented from tech companies like GoDaddy Inc. Further there is the option of choosing a remote server plan where either the server is shared with other remote users or the entire server is dedicated to a single user.

When such facilities like domain name registry and remote server hosting are availed from tech companies like GoDaddy Inc. they are always on a time bound basis much like a rental plan. When these services are close to expiration it is necessary to immediately renew the same so as to ensure that the website stays online and is accessible to users.

When a domain name registered with GoDaddy is set to expire then one would receive up to five renewal mails as a warning before the expiration. Even post the expiration one has a grace period of about 42 days before the end of which the same domain name can be repurchased and the domain will not be allotted to someone else. This basically means for all intents and purposes, your domain name will be safe and kept out of hands of other buyers for a period of 42 days, post this the domain will be available for sale to anybody. If you fail to renew and decide to repurchase the domain name after the grace period, you will be burdened with another redemption fee for the domain name.

Another option available to consumers is to register the new domain names under the banner of GoDaddy for an offer price and then migrate to a cheaper domain registrar like Namecheap. There are special coupon codes available for the same. However, the most recommended option would still remain continuing the service with a reliable provider like GoDaddy and making the cost of the website upkeep more and more affordable and reliable with frequent discounts and offers. This is because it is only with established services like GoDaddy can one be assured of quality and prompt service.

Any GoDaddy service can be renewed with the following process, being it whether a domain name registry or a server hosting service or the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification. Once you have selected the services that you wish to renew you can now proceed to the GoDaddy website and select those respective service and then proceed to the checkout tray. Here one would notice a box that asks for the entry for a coupon code if any. Once the respective code is entered a green box appears and this is indicative that the service in question has been renewed at a discount as per the terms the promo code. This is one of the best options available for website maintenance in the market. Because along with the GoDaddy brand one receives a range of extra perks that make websites affordable and useful. GoDaddy offers to all its customers an industry standard control panel which allows optimum customization and specification. The plan is suitable for changes in technical requirements with the option of scaling up and scaling down based on the traffic of the website.