Zivame Coupon Codes and Deals

Zivame is an Indian ecommerce lingerie store which features more than 2000 lingerie styles. One can select amongst wide genres of everyday wear, bridal wear, plus size lingerie, leisure wear, sports lingerie, swimming lingerie for females in every possible color, shapes and sizes.

The collection of Zivame has been curated from the top-notch companies like triumph, enamor, jockey, Hanes, Bewitch, ultimo, curvy Kate and various others. Zivame commenced with its operations during the year 2011 and is originally located at Bangalore. The company is known to progress at an overwhelming speed with up to 50% more sales after each month. The visitors of the website grew manifold within a short span of one year. The website is known to become the favorite lingerie destination for women all over the country.

Zivame not only aimed at captivating new consumers towards its store but also aimed at maintaining cordial employee customer relationships. It hired a skilled team which was thoroughly trained regarding the core product details. Moreover, best of communication strategies were implemented by the firm which again proved out to be the basis of its success.

Zivame has been able to gain credits only on the basis of its marketing master plans. The firm worked round the clock in creating linkages with the top-most international brands despite of having no previous existence in its field. The co-founder of the firm is a woman with high standards towards life. Hence, Zivame is an epitome of women entrepreneurship and talent in true sense.

Zivame entered the most unexplored section of ecommerce shopping by choosing to specialize in undergarments. Lingerie is indeed the most ignored and less debated apparel section of Indian ecommerce. Zivame not only specialized in selling world-class lingerie through its website, but also hoarded an unbeatable collection at an atypical price range.

The company adopted the best customer retention and extension methodologies thereby keeping them at par. It covered a wide variety of lingerie which is not available in any of the ecommerce shopping portal till date. The instances of service failure by Zivame are few and the ones which existed are quickly recovered. Moreover, there are several customer engagement schemes for captivating the interested of the users. Zivame portrays its products at highly discounted rates over the social media. Apart from that, it widely disperses free coupons so that customers can get shopping rebates and become loyal towards the brand.

Zivame trained its staff at a large scale so that all possible mistakes that could happen were eliminated from beforehand. It focused upon multi-faceted customer support in added reward systems which again proved out to be a blessing for the firm. Zivame took suggestions from various people and came up with peculiar lingerie designs. It avails customized lingerie with low rates and high durability.

The initial stages of establishment for Zivame were full of struggles. Lower profitability, higher costs, lower visitors and lack of due support formed the major reasons for the company`s initial slow growth. However, soon Zivame made its own reputation amongst varied ecommerce giants and came out as a high-quality and distinct brand. In the era of competition, all the companies including Zivame try applying more than just one strategy of customer captivation.

The coupons launched by Zivame are present at mammoth all over the internet and can be accessed with just few clicks. Apart from availing discounted lingerie during the national coupon month of the year, the company serves its customers by constantly dispensing best of coupons and promo codes at various other occasions as well. There is nothing special or difficult about the coupons availed by Zivame. Like any other coupon, Zivame avails easy to use codes for conferring discounts to its customers which can be applied at checking out page. The available coupons come up with added benefits for all. First of all they suffice customer needs by meeting up their exceptions of lower price criteria. Secondly, they increase the sales of the firm along with multiplying the referrals. And thirdly, they infuse trust amongst the purchasers regarding the credibility of the company.

A single coupon code does not limit itself to the transactional benefits only. Rather, it bestows uncountable long term emotional benefits of satisfaction, responsible, smartness and accomplishment. Varied buyers have varied reasons for searching coupon codes. Some want coupons for enhancing savings while other may just want to enhance their purchasing power.

Many times it has been seen that coupons have resulted in reducing the profit margins of the companies. Yet, they are heavily launched by the companies because they help in the extension of the customer base. It is but natural that any company which has a broader customer base will have longer survival. Thus, coupons ought to be used by any firm who is able distinguish between short term and long term outcomes of marketing plans. Even from the point of emotional counterparts, coupons help to tremendously satisfy the female shoppers in comparison to the males. More than half of the female respondents who uses coupons tend to feel responsible after using them.

Through the allotted coupons, Zivame was able to reduce upon the customer acquisition rate. It was able to cut down significantly upon advertisements, demonstrations, training and free trials by availing free coupons to the general public. The coupons itself worked as means of endorsements. They not only created brand awareness amongst people but also helped in shopping instigation. Apart from extending the user base, Zivame paid ample attention towards the retention of the old customers by constantly maintaining contact with them through bulk emailing and social media techniques. Zivame never ignored the power of customer satisfaction because of which it paid ample attention towards securing higher ratings and optimum feedbacks from its consumers. The company constantly revitalized its stocks for meeting up the current fashion trend. It never supplied outdated or inferior quality products which could hamper its growth or defame it in any case. Knowing customers is the biggest survival principal. Zivame thoroughly identified the user needs and designed its products and marketing strategies accordingly. Just by knowing the customers well, Zivame could address their needs in a better way which in turn cultivates trust for a brand.

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