Shopclues Coupon Codes and Deals

Shopclues refers to a monstrous online shopping and ecommerce website which has its headquarters at Gurgaon. The company was discovered at California, Silicon Valley in the year 2011. Till date, Shopclues has more than 12000 registered trade merchants and over 2 lakhs products. Moreover the platform receives 42 million visitors from more than 95000 countries annually.

The Sunday flea market concept of Shopclues aimed much attention and heeds the company to earn tremendous success and growth. The huge species of products starting at just 20 rs was something that no other shopping site could offer. Moreover, the free shipping provision attached with the world class products further contributed towards the success of the program.

Shopclues has its registered office at Vadodara. It additionally owns an office at California in Palo Alto locality. Shopclues initiates delivery of its products at the most remote areas and towns. It encompasses product deliveries at 9500 cities with the help of specialized couriers agencies. The fulfillment operations of Shopclues are conducted at Mumbai and Delhi respectively.

The past has witnessed certain controversies at the part of Shopclues. However, nothing could defame its pride and success. Shopclues has been the winner of varied awards and fruition. It has been announced as the best e-commerce site by global youth forum and has been bestowed with Indian e-retail award in 2015. Apart from these two there is long list of achievements of Shopclues which act as the epitome of its success.

Shopclues has been able to set quality benchmarks despite of intense competition and scarce opportunities. Despite of existence of well established ecommerce giants, Shopclues managed to attract a suffice customer vase towards it within moderate time span. The major focus of the owners of Shopclues has always been upon the unexplored opportunities and unstructured categories. Initially there were some hurdles in initiating the investment and capturing the customer confidence, however, later everything went into the flow.

The company had a very unclear future during its inception. It received limited orders and recognition which indeed incurred certain loses to the firm. But, the co-founders continued their struggle and ended up only when they achieved the craved outcomes. The bulk emailing marketing technique which was considered on the verge of extinction was rejuvenated by the senior marketing manager of the Shopclues through its wise utilization. The company, being low at budget adopted low-priced advertisement technique for communicating with the masses. As a result, it achieved success with more than 50 million visits each month.

There are hardly any online marketing techniques which have not been adapted by Shopclues for diverting the attention of the audiences towards it. No matter whether it is affiliate marketing, social media marketing, SEO marketing or any other marketing genre, Shopclues utilized all to its zenith for attaining success.

Talking about the promo codes and rebates, the main motive of Shopclues is to avail high end products at cut-rate costs. There are hardly few products in the listings of Shopclues which have not been adequately discounted. Even the international level brands have reduced price tags so that a better customer base can be generated.

Promo Codes are also known as Promotional Codes. Promo Codes are often used synonymously with coupons. The line of difference lies only in the form. Coupons are small pieces of paper or tickets carrying physical existence whereas Promo Codes include a unique combination of numbers, alphabet, symbols and letters which need to be input online to receive discounts.

Shop clues Promotional Codes are more focused and targeted in orientation than Coupons. Shopclues Coupons can be used for general purposes as well as special occasions whereas Promotional codes are used to promote only that sale which is for a specific date or duration. Coupons can on-going whereas promo codes are for a specific time frame. The discount offered on the purchase is a percentage off from the total price of the product or service.

Both Coupons and promo codes distributed by Shopclues work as enticing elements by the marketer for the customers so that more and more customers can be attracted towards their product which they are offering. Both serve as a tool to save money. Coupons and promo codes offer an upper edge to the marketer who is offering the product at a low price. These methods of marketing appeal to the customers and they find it interesting.

Shopclues Coupons and Promo codes are beneficial since they are easy to redeem, track, and implement. Customer retention is easy and loyal customer base can be created. Both serve as a boosting tool to pre launches any product or service. More customers are attracted to the product which has coupon or promo code attached to it rather than that product which does not have. Awareness of the product or service is created even if the coupon or promo code is not used. Information of the product is circulated among the customers without any cost.

Customers tend to shop more around festive season and promo codes serve as the best option with which they can connect with the product. Easiness of application, easiness of remembering, and easiness of calculating makes these options look very easy and give the customer a nice shopping experience. Surplus inventory is also cleared by such promotional techniques. Every second marketer is using this technique to acquire new customers and expand its existing customer base. Customer connect is more quick as well as easy. Hence, Coupons and Promo Codes have gained much popularity lately since the benefits attached with them are high in intensity.

Shopclues added varieties of fashion, kitchen and home products in the year 2015. It is further planning to reinvest the earned revenue for its further consolidation. Moreover, the employee base of Shopclues is on to witness increase.

Better marketing techniques which encompass multimedia advertisements and promotional tools are being planned to increase. Although, the company is already advertising itself through celluloid, yet there are future plans for enhancing the frequency of the ads and along with utilizing other media vehicles for reaching more number of people. The merchant base of Shopclues shall soon be enlarged up to 10 million up.

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