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The concern of the present article is to bring to your notice another attractive coupon and promotional code for significant discounts on internet services. This time the coupon is from the house of Media Temple, the popular internet tech support company. Media temple has been selling their hosting services since 1998. Over the years, they have grown to become a big hosting company with more than 125,000 customers and over 1,5 million websites spread in about 100 different countries all over the globe. Media Temple offers a wide range of services from domain registration to a range of hosting options, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, managed Wordpress and dedicated hosting. Even though you can find some hosting providers with more well-rounded services, but still Media Temple is a capable hosting provider that will suit the needs of most people in the market.

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About MediaTemple

Media Temple is a company that provides web hosting and cloud hosting facilities for websites on the public internet. The company was founded in the year 1998 by two men named John Carey and Demian Sellfors. The company started off its business about 19 years ago and has over that time built a reputation for itself as one of the most reliable and quality services on the market. The company specifically focused and marketed their internet hosting and cloud hosting services towards website designers and website developers. The company has boasts of significant customer base spread all over the world. Media Temple is based out of the United States of America though it offers it services to customers all over the world. The company manages its operations from its head-quarters in Los Angeles with the help of about two hundred employees. The company was acquired by global server hosting giant Go-Daddy, another internet tech company based out of the United States of America. In recent years the company has come out with a refreshed version of its shared server hosting product which is marketed under the name of Grid. This product is a completely software managed solution that that allows even non-technical users to easily access its functions. Also, among its new offerings is a business standard server offering that has been optimized for WordPress applications. This product is being launched in partnership with global ecommerce player Amazon’s Internet services wing Amazon Web Services that is also popularly referred to as AWS. These novel offerings are revolutionizing the web hosting space and serving stiff competition to all of Media Temple’s competitors. The company is the chosen server host for major corporations like Adobe, Samsung etc. which is testament to Media Temple ability to handle high traffic situations.

All of the above exciting features can be yours at very competitive prices from Media Temple. To make the entire deal sweeter, we now present to you exciting Mediate Temple coupons and promo codes that are 100% working and guaranteed to grant you significant discounts on the offerings of Media Temple.

The Media Temple enterprise has a selection of services on offering that are very extensive. Some of the most popular and sought-after services are Shared Server Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and specifically managed servers that are primed for applications like WordPress and Amazon Cloud Hosting. However, one of the products of Media Temple that has gained the most praise and popularity among customers is the managed hosting solutions engineered towards WordPress. This is a powerful tool in the hands of web developer as they receive an already built up model to customize and work with.

The Managed WordPress Hosting solution is a far superior option compared to traditional shared server hosting. Shared servers at any given instance host websites in the hundreds and maybe even thousands. This results in the server functioning as a sort of jack of all trades, running hundreds of different applications without being optimized for any one them. The same is not the case with Managed WordPress servers where only a limited number of websites are hosted on single server which gives each individual server access to more system resources. Also, this is on top of the server wide optimization for specific programs like WordPress which helps the websites run seamlessly with very low load times. This is because the optimization to run on just one application lends a certain amount of robustness to the equation which helps in better performance. There are various other perks that come with this kind of an option, not least of which is the special performance tuning, the automatic management options and the heightened security of the website. Thus, with this option one is free to handle more relevant and pressing options like the developing content for your website and trying one’s creative abilities while the heavy server processing is done by Media Temple.

With the exclusive discount coupon from the house of Media Temple, we open you to a host of advantages that make Media Temple stand out among others in the industry, that too at a discounted price. Media Temple has earned a reputation for being blazing fast in all of its services. Their servers which run WordPress are specially optimized to perform on cached memory, PHP, APC and L2. Their hard drives in the servers are also no longer SATA but rather SSD which enables much lower load times and much higher speeds.

Keeping in view the need to constantly beware of various security threats to websites these days, it of utmost importance that server software is up to date with the latest definitions of security and virus threats. Media Temple also offers its customers the ability to create a free back up for their site every day and they are stored for a period of thirty days. Using these backed up versions of a website, one can restore the website to a previous functional model of the website if there is at any time a problem with the website or an error in the new update to the website.

This is supplemented by quality customer service that is always eager to solve or address any and all server related issues that you might have. Thus with all of the above perks and the exclusive Media Temple coupon which significantly discounts the price of any product, Media Temple is the recommended choice for anyone who is interested in engaging a quality server hosting service.

Media Temple Web Hosting plans

Media Temple is using a system they call "The Grid" to provide their hosting services. The Grid is a system that's built on a unique clustered architecture, designed to deliver fast and reliable hosting service. They provide you with all the tools you need to manage your sites effortlessly, but there is actually another downside here. Unlike most reputed hosting providers, Media Temple doesn't provide a common site builder. In this matter, it's kind of like Dreamhost that requires you to create your site elsewhere and have it transferred via FTP.

That said, they do provide you an option to use Virb, which is an HTML 5-powered web builder that's quite uncommon for most people, with an extra cost of $10/mo. But actually, Virb is not a really complicated tool to use, in fact it's a bit like Weebly but without drag-and-drop features. What's great about this web builder has many great themes and it also supports mobile sites. Furthermore, it also comes with music features that let you stream tracks and albums from Soundcloud also sell products through Bandcamp.

Media Temple Shared Hosting

When you sign up for Media Temple Shared Hosting plan, you can launch your website within minutes. You will be provided with easy-to-use, fully responsive control panel that will make everything more simple for you to manage and configure your sites.

With The Grid system, your website will be hosted on hundreds of clustered servers, so you don't have to worry about traffic spikes. They will support you with burstable resources, keeping you online by hosting your site across multiple servers.

There are three Shared Hosting packages in Media Temple:

1. Pro Package

  • $30/mo (monthly plan), $25/mo (1 year plan), $23.75/mo (2 year plan), $22.5/mo (3 year plan)
  • Available for up to 10 websites
  • 20GB SSD storage capacity
  • 1TB bandwidth
  • 1 Google Apps for work email account
  • 1 site global CDN
  • 1 site malware detection and removal

2. Agency Package

  • $150/mo (monthly plan), $125/mo (1 year plan), $118.75/mo (2 year plan), $112.5 (3 year plan)
  • Available for up to 50 websites
  • 100GB SSD storage capacity
  • 5TB bandwidth
  • 5 Google Apps for work email account
  • 5 site global CDN
  • 5 site malware detection and removal

When you sign up to annual plan you will also get 1 domain registration and 1 site SSL certificate.

3. Agency+ Package

  • $350/mo (monthly plan), $292/mo (1 year plan), $277/mo (2 year plan), $262.5/mo (3 year plan)
  • Available for up to 50 websites
  • 100GB SSD storage capacity
  • 5TB bandwidth
  • 5 Google Apps for work email account
  • 5 site global CDN
  • 5 site malware detection and removal
  • Priority support channel
  • 3 monthly on demand credits
  • Assisted setup and consultation

When you sign up to annual plan you will also get 1 domain registration and 1 site SSL certificate.

If you don't feel that you have enough with your current package, you can either upgrade your package or add a resource boost with a flat monthly rate. There are three boost packages available; Single Boost, Double Boost and Triple Boost that will provide you with extra storage, bandwidth and websites on your hosting account.

The most notable downside about Media Temple hosting packages from the first time you visit the website is probably the pricing. They are definitely not among the cheapest web hosting providers in the market, with the most basic shared hosting package is offered for $30 per month. But considering the quality of the services they offer with fast hardware and smart software, also backed by solid customer support, you will actually get what you pay for. However, of course you don't have to always pay that much, by using a Media Temple coupon when you sign up to their service, you can pay a lot less than you normally have to.

Media Temple Wordpress Hosting

Media Temple provides you with extremely fast Wordpress hosting platform, designed to live up the standards of Wordpress Pros. All packages come with 30 day money back guarantee and uptime guarantee, also include auto daily backup and WP core updates.

There are 4 Media Temple Wordpress Hosting packages that you can choose from:

1. Personal Plan

  • Starting from $20/mo (monthly plan)
  • 30GB SSD storage capacity
  • Supports up to 400,000 monthly visitors
  • Supports 2 websites

2. Studio Plan

  • Starting from $60/mo (monthly plan)
  • 100GB SSD storage capacity
  • Supports up to 2 million monthly visitors
  • Supports 10 websites
  • 2 Google apps for work email/user accounts
  • 5 sites malware detection & removal

You get 1 domain registration and 1 SSL certificate with annual plans.

3. Agency Plan

  • Starting from $240/mo (monthly plan)
  • 500 SSD storage capacity
  • Supports up to 10 million monthly visitors
  • Supports 50 websites
  • 5 Google apps for work email/user accounts
  • 10 sites malware detection & removal

You get 1 domain registration and 2 SSL certificates with annual plans.

4. Enterprise Plan

  • Call for pricing
  • 1TB storage capacity
  • Supports unlimited monthly visitors
  • Supports 250 websites
  • 25 Google apps for work email/user accounts
  • 20 sites malware detection & removal

You get custom domain registration and custom SSL certificate with annual plans.

There are also two booster packs available.

Media Temple VPS Hosting

Media Temple VPS Hosting packages come with 99.9% guaranteed uptime and high performance SSD servers. There are three packages you can choose:

  • 1. Self-Managed VPS - Starting from $30/mo
  • 2. Managed VPS - Starting from $55/mo
  • 3. Fully Managed VPS - Starting from $249/mo

Media Temple Dedicated Hosting

Packed with some of the most powerful features in the industry, Media Temple is providing highly reliable dedicated servers. There are 3 Dedicated Server Packages available:

  • 1. Self-Managed Dedicated Server - $2,000/mo
  • 2. Managed Dedicated Server - $2,500/mo
  • 3. Fully Managed Dedicated Server - $2,699/mo

Media Temple Coupon

The price range of Media Temple web hosting plans might be more expensive than you expect, but if you use media temple coupon codes when you sign up to the hosting plan of your choice, you can get some great discounts and pay a lot less than you have to. Just make sure you get your media temple promo codes from the right source like this website.