Limeroad Coupon Codes and Deals

Limeroad is one of the most supremely oriented ecommerce portals that have been able to engross female customers at a massive scale. The wide genres of Limeroad products include; women wear, footwear, bags, artificial jewelry, beauty products and much more. The owners of the company are Manish Saxena and Suchi Mukherjee. The entrepreneurs of the company have taken an entirely different move by launching absolutely distinct category of products at exceptionally low rates. The one piece dresses which used to be sky soaring expensive are available at the rate of street marketing at Limeroad. Moreover, the quality of every product sold at this world-class portal is unbeatably high. As a result, Limeroad has been able to captive a massive user base within just few years.

After the success of Limeroad, Suchi is now planning to work upon the other key areas of the website such as vendor relationships maintenance, traffic building, capital light modeling, better curation and defects elimination. The term capital light modeling means that Limeroad does not owns any stock and hence it doesn’t require capital investment from any firm at all. Limeroad is somewhat dependent upon the customers to do the product curation for the purpose of customer engagement and cost regulation.

Limeroad has linkages with those vendors who shall specifically supply their products solely to Limeroad thereby turning its collection to be an exclusive one. Limeroad gained recognition only after it began advertising itself over the social media. The gradual increasing Facebook likes and frequent visits of the likers soon turned Limeroad into a well-known brand of the Indian market.

The success stories of Limeroad are continuing to touch the sky. The ecommerce giant is empowering “click and buy” product purchasing methodology from quite a while. Limeroad has successfully carved out its path in-between of its competitors and has indeed become the talk of the town within no time.

Limeroad has recently commenced to showcase some of the products in kitchen genre as well. It is striving heard to captivate women from all walks of life. The main goal of Limeroad was to avail high-end products at affordable price range. The owners of the company keenly understood the concept of `affordable indulgence` collateral to which this website was given birth.

Limeroad not only targets to raise the overall living standards of women in India but also desires to turn ordinary vendors into multi-milliners. The online ecommerce firm is quite pride of its ever increasing success and fulfilling targets. Some of the very well-known celebrities such as Neha Dhupia, Richa Chaddha, Neha Kakkar and many others have been known to be the style counselors of Limeroad.

Limeroad is known to provide distinctiveness in styles, sizes and types. It integrates varied accessories, bags and dresses together in a complete model-type look and sells it as a package over its website. In a country where celebrity influence is so far and wide, the fusion created by Limeroad is demanded extensively by people who rigorously follow celebrity lifestyle and movies.

The social media marketing technique of Limeroad has been slightly different from others. It not only captured the attention of the audiences by advertisements of its core products, but also gained recognition by introducing free hair styling and make up tips over the chosen social media channel. Home and decor and fashion proved to be the real forte of the company. Apart from everything else, Limeroad used amazing keywords and Google ad words for multiplying the chances of audiences visit its website. It further launched mobile apps for the customers so that it could maintain one-to-one contact with them. Limeroad app is known to portray better deals and discounts along with being outrageously handy. It has harmonized the feature of pop-ups and notifications within it for capturing the user`s attention in any case. Limeroad is a real shopping haven for the women who desire getting affordable top class look without travelling. The coupons and promo codes launched by Limeroad have furthermore made it possible to achieve the desired looks within low range budgets.

With the availability of Limeroad coupons and promo codes, users can try up the new products without spending their fortunes. Moreover, the online firm is able to get new customers along with clearing up its piled inventory without incurring massive losses through the launched discount codes. Separate BOGO deals are availed by Limeroad for upbringing new stocks in the app and also rejuvenating style statements on constant rates.

The launched coupons can be monthly, weekly or fortnightly applicable depending upon the occasion, requirements and competition. Limeroad keenly follows the moves of its competitors in designing its own marketing strategies. It makes sure that it doesn’t hold a back seat while its competitors continue to flourish themselves. Apart from launching BOGO deals, Limeroad also prefers to launch four-for-two and two-for-one deals for the off seasonal products. The company carefully plans the trading of its inventory and works months before it launches any coupon or promo code in the market.

Limeroad competently understands that users can have periodic changes in their habits, preferences and moods because of which same products won’t be liked by them forever. Keeping the thought in mind, Limeroad constantly clears up the inventories and up keeps itself with the current fashion and demands. Changing in consumer habits is the first signal of recession. Hence; Limeroad keeps itself miles away from repeating the same inventory for longer time span. It avails branded items which are not only thrifty but also chichi in every way.

Limeroad coupons help in customer retention. Some of the coupons can be applied by the user more than single time. It lets buyers purchase the quality products of the brand after comparing it with other ecommerce shopping portals. Lime road coupons act as a backup for the customers who might be willing to buy certain exorbitant product but are avoiding shopping because of the fear of budget outcasts. The pristine coupons allow users to get up to 60% off in latest fashion wears and accessories without letting them accommodate with the quality standards.

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