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InterServer was founded in year 1999 and is considered as a reputable and affordable web hosting provider. Right from the start, InterServer promised to provide quality support and service and still remains to deliver the best that their clients deserve. InterServer has a variety of products and services to offers. Its quality products have already served many people and over the years, they succeeded to establish a solid reputation in the industry. Today, the site managed to grow to become one of the most reliable hosting providers which own and operate two data centers situated in Secaucus, New Jersey. They offer an extensive selection of hosting services such as dedicated servers, VPS, web hosting, co-location and quick servers for thousands of customers all over the globe. This hosting company is giving 100% power uptime and 99.9% network uptime guarantee. Even though the uptime guarantee doesn't apply on shared hosting services, but actually downtime rarely happens and even if it does, Interserver has a great customer support team that's ready to help you solve whatever problem you have with your account.

If you are currently searching for the best and the most affordable VPS or web hosting, an InterServer coupon might be exactly what you need. Through these coupons, you can get the cheapest prices for web hosting that can help you leverage your website without breaking the bank.

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Interserver Coupon 2019

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About InterServer

Interserver is technology company operating that provides Internet services to its customers all over the world. The company operates in the website maintenance space and provides services like domain registry, customized server hosting and other allied internet services like SSL certification, website building etc. The company was founded in the year 1999 and has since that time built a reputation for providing reliable and quality services to its customers along with its brand of technical support services. The company offers huge range of packages that are customized according to your individual needs so that you only get the package that fulfills all of your needs and is most suitable to you. This versatility in the services it offers is the amazing thing about Interserver. It is this same versatility that allows Interserver to serve a personal blogger as well a Fortune 500 with the same amount of dedication and customer satisfaction.

Their range of services include various hosting packages like shared server hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting etc. To explain these variations, in a shared server setup multiple websites are hosted on the same server and the computational power of the server is shared among them. While this plan expectedly is very economical it has its own drawbacks i.e. if another website on the same server experiences high traffic chances are that your website is also probably going to have server problems. The dedicated server setup escapes this trap and reserves a server and its computational power solely for a particular website. All of these services and packages can be tweaked and modified so that it is perfectly suitable for the individual need of the customer. The package you choose depends upon your needs of your website and the intent of the website. A standard option would be the regular Interserver Shared Hosting Plan costing a few dollars every month. This would give you unlimited storage, email accounts and a free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification. For other sites with very high volumes of traffic i.e. a few hundred thousand visitors every month, it is advisable that they opt for a plan like the cloud VPS service which ensures that load times are quick despite higher volumes of traffic. Thus, they are better than the shared plans for these enterprises though they are albeit more expensive. Finally, we reach the top tier websites whose traffic numbers in the millions per day, these are either popular websites or other equally demanding business and internet applications. Because the requirements in these websites are so specialized the best option herein is to opt for a dedicated server where the server is exclusively for a single operation thus removing problems associated with VPS and shared server hosting. Interserver for example provides you with custom server hardware that is calculated to meet the needs of the company. These servers come with a number of allied services like 24/7 maintenance by the company, moving data from one storage to the other and constant monitoring to ensure that the website is live.

Among the services offered by Interserver is domain registration. This refers to the name of the website that also functions as the address of the site for users of the internet. Since this string of characters is what people will identify the website by. Identifiable and simple domain names are usually in high demand. One should make an effort to leverage this domain name in terms of attracting the highest number of visitors possible. The domain name has to be registered with a domain registrar who has been accredited by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). This involves registration of various generic and top-level domains. Interserver which is one such ICANN recognized registrar offers up to 600 different Top-Level Domains like .com and .xyz whose individual prices vary. Notably for customers who already have been using the server hosting of Interserver, the domain registration is available at a discounted price. One has to herein note that domain names in common use which are identifiable are more in demand and so they should be prepared to pay much higher for a domain like .com as compared to a domain like .xyz.

Interserver as a company deeply respects your privacy and keeps all of your personal information safe and out of the prying eyes of the public. It is practically impossible for spammers and other with similar intentions to gain access to the personal information that you register your domain with. This includes the names, addresses, telephone numbers etc. All of the above information is usually available in a public domain at places like the WHOIS database. Interserver allows you prevent your information going public for a nominal fee.

Interserver has over the years built a reputation for its reliable and trouble-free services. In fact, they offer a guarantee that even if there are any interruption to the server function, the downtime will be almost negligible and the server will be back online within no time. The present guarantee for uptime is at a whopping 99.9%. In the eventuality that the percentage of uptime falls below this threshold of 99% Interserver has said that customers will be refunded their server monthly fee up to 50%. There is a similar guarantee for uninterrupted electric supply for the server. In case servers are down because of a break in electric supply, a similar refund as above will be given to the customers.

Finally, to make this entire deal sweeter, apart from all the perks of best-in-class service we bring to you some exclusive coupons for Interserver services. These coupons offer very attractive discounts for all of the different server hosting and domain registration option. Also, in an incredible offer, Interserver allows all its customers a money back guarantee for 30 days after purchase if they are not satisfied with the service delivered by Interserver.

Interserver Coupon has successfully come up with numerous budget-friendly hosting solutions to meet their clients’ unique needs. One of these many solutions is their InterServer 1 cent coupon which offers an exclusive promotion on the renowned VPS hosting and shared web hosting to help customers in saving more money while still enjoying top of the line services.

What is InterServer Coupon?

InterServer coupon is a promotional code which can be used every time you place an order for an InterServer hosting plan. Basically, the use of the coupon gives you a discount for the order that you make.

With the help of these coupons, you can enjoy the different hosting features provided by as included in the basic package of their shared web hosting.

  • Unlimited data transfer, unlimited storage space and unlimited domains or websites
  • SSD caching servers, cPanel control panel, free CloudFlare CDN, RAID-10 storage and $100 Google Adwords credit
  • PHP 5.5/5.6/ 5.7, MySQL database, Perl 5.10, Ruby on Rails, Fast CGI, SSH access and Python also promises an uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent and high website performance which is backed by a robust and solid network infrastructure as well as two state of the art data centers complete with the newest security systems, raised flooring and sufficient power supply.

How to Redeem Your InterServer Coupon

To enjoy the perks of your InterServer 1 cent coupon, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Select an InterServer coupon with the highest success rate.
  • You can copy and paste this coupon in your order form at or you can also click the Cut button next to the coupon. It will copy the coupon in your clipboard and will also open the official InterServer site.
  • Proceed to entering all details in your order form then submit it.

Claim Your InterServer Coupon Today

InterServer coupon can be very helpful for both personal users and developers, giving them the chance to get dependable VPS and shared web hosting solutions that come with a low price. With the use of InterServer 1 cent coupon, customers can now build professional Drupal, WordPress or any other sites with the use of advanced features and user-friendly tools. If you want to leverage your site, search for InterServer coupons today.

Interserver Hosting Services and Pricing

Interserver has all kinds of hosting packages for people at every level with different needs. The good thing about all these packages they offer is that each package already comes with just about everything you need. With years of market research, Interserver is able to create hosting services that answer the market demands with various packages and price range.

They have shared hosting packages, VPS hosting packages and dedicated hosting packages. Each comes with different service variations, features and price range.

Interserver Shared Hosting is the entry level hosting service they have. Starting from $4.95 per month, it's very affordable for most people. If you look for Interserver shared hosting reviews on the Internet, mostly you will find nice comments about its reliability and great uptime, which is an indication that they are not overloading their servers, and that's a good thing.

There are two kinds of Interserver VPS Hosting services, standard and cloud VPS ranging from $6-$96 (Linux) and $10-$160 (Windows). For larger websites that require more power, Interserver provides Dedicated Hosting packages starting from $59 per month. You have the option to create your custom build server or you can go with their pre-configured options (Quick Servers) with a 20 minute set up time.

Interserver Reseller Hosting packages also provide you enough room to make decent profit. Starting from $19.95 per month with zero setup fees, Interserver can make sure that you are able to offer hosting services to your customers with great prices and excellent service.

Interserver Shared Hosting

Pricing - $4.95/mo (monthly plan), $4.70/mo (6 months plan), $4.45/mo (yearly plan), $4.20/mo (2 years plan), $3.96/mo (3 years plan). Get your Interserver coupon codes before you signup to make some great savings.

Guarantee - All plans come with 30 day money back guarantee, also uptime guarantee and price lock guarantee so the price will stay the same after you sign up for the life of the account.

Email - Advance webmail access with smartphone support, unlimited email options for addon domains, also unlimited POP, IMAP, forwarders and auto responders.

Web Migration - No extra charge.

Domains and Subdomains - Unlimited domain and subdomain names under one shared hosting package. You can easily register all your domain names and point them to one website or you can point each of them to different folders based on their content.

Scripts - 381 scripts available including Wordpress, Joomla, OpenCart, phpBB, PrestaShop, Drupal, SMF, MyBB, and others with 1 click installs.

Besides standard shared hosting packages, Interserver also has Cloud Windows Hosting with a starting price of $4.95/mo. Then there are Managed Wordpress Hosting packages starting from $7.95/mo with unlimited storage, unlimited domains, unlimited transfer and unlimited email. Finally there is also a completely free hosting plan for non-profit organizations.

Interserver VPS Hosting

If you find it more appealing to run your own server instead of going for a completely managed solution, you might to try InterServer VPS. This starts for a very low price per month and you can pick between Windows and Linux installs and there is also the option to use cPanel for administering your server. There is also no need to wait around for things to be set up since every server will come online in a matter of seconds.

There are two options for Interserver VPS Hosting, Linux Cloud VPS and Windows Cloud VPS, both have different price ranges. They provide 6 different VPS locations, 3 of them are in the United States while 3 others are in London, Paris and Hong Kong.

  • Prices - Linux Cloud VPS is starting from $6/mo up to $96/mo, while Windows Cloud VPS is starting from $10/mo up to $160/mo.
  • CPU Cores - 1 to 4
  • Memory - 1024MB up to 16,384MB
  • Storage - 25GB up to 400GB
  • Transfer - 1TB up to 16TB
  • Web Migration - No extra charge.

Interserver VPS Coupon

By known as a dependable web hosting company with affordable solutions, InterServer just makes things better through their InterServer VPS coupon. If you want to get great hosting solutions at a fraction of a cost, you better check out the 1 cent VPS coupon today.

1 Cent VPS Coupon

No one will be able to resist a coupon that performs the function that it is meant to do and that is to make you enjoy heft discounts with no need for extra work or fuss. The InterServer VPS coupon gives you the first month of your hosting, whether the usual WordPress hosting, reseller, or VPS, for just 1 cent.

How to Redeem Your InterServer VPS Coupon

For redeeming your InterServer VPS coupon, you just have to select the right code that suits your needs. At the discount page of InterServer, you just need to follow all the instructions stated there. There are instances wherein you need to put a coupon code as stated on the site of InterServer to have the offer activated although there are offers that don’t need any promo code.

Interserver Quick Servers

These are dedicated servers with only 20 minutes setup time. Interserver Quick Servers come with the full resources of a dedicated server, but they run through KVM virtualization. The price is ranging from $95 to $142 based on the specs.

Interserver Dedicated Servers

InterServer offers quality managed dedicated servers in private data centers. The company promises that the dedicated server of the customers is fully devoted to the sole needs of the applications and isn’t shared with others. Therefore, customers will enjoy InterServer dedicated server with more flexibility and performance.

As for several standard features, InterServer dedicated servers come with five IP address, 10,000 TB data transfer monthly, and 1GB or 100 MB port. The company also offers free setup service as well as managed support. Every customer can start their own business with InterServer dedicated servers within four hours.

The two data centers have different measures. TEB1 is set up pre-action dry pipe sprinkle systems in case of fire accidents. They also have ADT security badge entrance to get rid of external people to get into the data centers. Biometric entry enables only the technicians of InterServer to access data centers.

When it comes to network, the premium servers of InterServer are powered by a mesh of ten GBps Ethernet connections as well as Tier 1 IP backbone providers. Other than that, all its switching and routing equipment comes from excellent providers such as Riverstone, Cisco, and Extreme Networks. In other words, InterServer takes pride of good data centers with premium network infrastructure and redundant equipment contribute to 100 percent power uptime of InterServer and network uptime guarantees of up to 99.99 percent.

InterServer also claims that its dedicated servers are managed and cheap. Clients like its managed support that includes paid and free services. As for free managed support, if the package doesn’t contain control panel, the company will cover system reinstalls and every hardware problems.

If the packages include a control panel, InterServer will reinstall the control panel and the system, handle every hardware issue, and repair services including mail server, web server, SQL server, DNS server, and FTP server. For the customers who are using Windows, InterServer will reinstall the operating system, SQL server, and DNS server, update the OS, and install and set up IIS server.

If their clients have to contact the experts of InterServer, they may use ticket, email, phone call, and live chat. Such support channels are always open for clients 24/7. Besides, the online resources are very rich and the customers may go InterServer Knowledge base to search them.

Dedicated Server Plans - Interserver offers their dedicated servers with custom configurations. The base price for this service is $59/mo, which is quite cheap for a dedicated server. Here is the complete list:

  • Intel Dual-Core Atom - $59/mo (1GB memory, 250GB storage)
  • Xeon E3-1230 - $139/mo (16GB memory, 250GB storage)
  • 2 x Six-Core E5-2620 - $310 (8GB memory, 250GB storage)

The Verdict - InterServer dedicated servers are equipped with configurable features and come with simple control panel options. Every dedicated server is deployed in a well-designed data center, which ensures high reliability and great performance. The best thing about InterServer dedicated servers is that it starts at a low price and a perfect option for clients and you can take advantage of InterServer coupon to enjoy savings!

Interserver Reseller Hosting

The reseller hosting of InterServer is already an open secret in the industry as this is famous for allowing you to provide exceptional hosting levels for affordable prices. For just $20 a month, you can enjoy one-click scripts, unlimited domains and get dedicated apps for client management. This is very astounding and the site also offers an extra IPs for just $1 per month on top of it all.

Interserver WordPress Hosting

With only $8 per month, the WordPress package from InterServer is well priced as well. You can expect for an amazingly fast managed hosting, together with both unlimited web transfer allowances and unlimited storage. Every plan also comes with a 30-day guarantee together with a price-lock promise. It means that you don’t have to deal with the unwanted price hike on your hosting costs.

Why We Recommend

InterServer provides a wide range of hosting options such as VPS cloud, shared, and dedicated server hosting. But, among other web hosting service providers, why is highly recommended? There are many reasons behind it and these include the following :

Impressive Hosting Performance

Once you run a dummy website with InterServer shared hosting, you will be impressed with the performance of the website. While majority of hosting sites shoot for 99.99 percent uptime, InterServer has managed to reach 100 percent.

The main reason why InterServer gets high ratings when it comes to performance is that it’s built well. It utilizes an intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol, which enables it to route traffic to the nearest backbone provider. This minimizes latency while boosting the speed. Aside from that, InterServer does not overload their servers. Most of the hosting service providers load their servers above the capacity, which cause serious latency. With InterServer, it keeps the servers around 50% capacity to have more resources.

InterServer boasts its years of experience in the industry and they think it’s their edge. Also, because of their mistakes they have done in the past, they now follow a proven and effective model for each aspect of operation from running Ethernet cables to installing software.

Uptime Guarantees

interServer offers 99.5 percent uptime guarantee that’s backed up in SLA. What’s more is that once they failed to meet that guarantee in a particular month, they will credit the clients on a case by case basis. Going beyond uptime guarantee, InterServer also offers a 100 percent guarantee of undisrupted electricity.

Customizable VPS Hosting Plans

The VPS plan of InterServer is very customizable. Its VPS clients have the freedom to customize everything from their OS to software or control panels, everything can be personalized. If that isn’t enough, InterServer requires its clients to pay for what they use and need.

Price Lock Guarantee

With today’s society, it can be difficult to beat transparency. The company backs their hosting agreements with clear SLA and transparent TOS that defines each part of the service clearly. The clarity, transparency, and being upfront is usually a good indicator of an outstanding service. With other hosting providers gaining new customers by offering the lowest price, InterServer beats others by valuing loyalty instead. The company’s price lock guarantee also ensures that the price you begin with will continue to be your as long as you will keep your account.

Proven and Effective

Probably, one of the tangible elements that you will like about InterServer is its years of experience. It has been around for about 2 decades and it continues to grow and expand its services by providing nothing but topnotch hosting services.

Customer Support

Interserver's customer support team is available 24/7 through live chat and phone connection. Furthermore, they also have an easy-to-use ticketing system for you to get in touch with their technician team.

To top it all, InterServer is no doubt one of the best hosting service providers at present. Regardless of your niche, InterServer can offer you great hosting solutions that are guaranteed to deliver results at a reasonable price. If you want to try the hosting services of, don’t miss to use InterServer coupon. This will help enjoy saving some amount of money.

Our Interserver Coupon Codes

There is a wide range of Interserver coupon codes that you can choose from in this website, make sure you get your Interserver coupon code before you signup to any hosting plan with Interserver so you can make a great saving.