Hosting24 Coupon Codes and Promo Codes 2019

Hosting24 is a hosting firm that has a suggestive name, proving that they are accessible to help your needs 24 hours per day. As you never know what questions you might have, it is best to have a team that can forever read a ticket or pick up the call and support you. Anyway, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, it is difficult to come with a problem in front of the help team. When it comes to security of your data, you have the chance to access weekly backups that are made in order to keep your site safe.

Today we bring to you a very attractive discount code for Hosting24’s server and domain products. These exclusive hosting24 coupon codes will help you double down on your savings and still have peace of mind that comes with a reliable server service. It is quite amazing that one is able to enjoy quality service without having to take a hit on your finances. So Use our Hosting24 coupon and you will get the lowest cost shared and VPS hosting.

Hosting24 Coupon 2019

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40% lifetime discount on Hosting24 VPS Hosting

Get a 40% lifetime discount on VPS Hosting at hosting24. Please note that lifetime VPS discount coupons is valid for PayPal payments only.

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About Hosting24

Hosting24 is a global server hosting company that is based out of Larnaca, Cyprus. Founded sometime in the year 2002, the company exploded onto the server hosting stage with its range of reliable and affordable services. While the company operates in the internet services space in general, it specializes in hosting shared servers and Virtual Private Servers or VPS for its clients. The company is a subsidiary of its parent company Hostinger International which operates several other hosting services and is a reputable name in the server hosting industry. The company has seen exponential growth since its inception and is currently hosting the servers for more than 25,000 major websites on the internet. The company has in recent times expanded its range of services to include those like reseller hosting and domain name registry. The company is one of the few on the market that allows its customers access to root access cPanel of the server. In order to serve its huge customer base, Hosting24 operates multiple major datacenters in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. While the facility in the United States if America is located in the region of Asheville, Texas, the other facility in the United Kingdom is located in Manchester. This allows Hosting24 direct access to the two major markets for internet services i.e. the North America and Europe. One unique feature of the services of Hosting 24 is that they allow you to choose the preferred location of your server subject to availability. The varied range of services that Hosting24 offers are always competitively priced with respect to the other services available on the market. This option is then no-brainer because of the quality of the service. Even then it is made more appealing to every customer once in a while by exclusive Hosting24 coupons or Hosting 24 promo codes that give significant discounts on their entire range of the services. Unlike some other marketing gimmicks that try to fool customers by offering discounts only on a limited range, this Hosting24 coupon is applicable across the range of products of Hosting 24. Thus, by just signing onto Hosting24’s services you can double down on your savings and still get quality service for economical prices. In fact, the name Hosting24 has become a brand for quality service. The hosting critic Host Review has previously rated Hosting24 as one of the most reputable service providers in the server hosting industry.

You can begin your website product by paying a little amount (by using our discounted hosting24 coupon) of money in order to buy a basic hosting plan with and begging that moment, you have access to a range of bounces. The most vital is the free domain name that you have the option to pick, whatever your hosting plan would be. Then, you should know that your website are secured by Bit Ninja real-time protection and advanced firewalls, even if you buy a shared hosting account with using hosting24 coupon codes.

Hosting24 Services

Hosting24 just like numerous other hosting services operates its servers on three different plans that are then delivered to the customers with different customizations as per the choice of the customer. The three major plans are Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS or Virtual Private Servers.

Shared Hosting - In a shared hosting service, there are many websites who are sharing the storage space and processing power of a server. This is because there are numerous websites that are quite niche and not traffic intensive, such sites do not require an entire server all to themselves and thus they economize costs by sharing it with others. However, there is a flipside to this plan. Because it is being shared, whenever a site on a shared server is experiencing high traffic it invariably affects the load time and browsing experience of the other sites. The listed above Hosting24 coupon code is applicable upon all these plans.

There are three website hosting packages via Hosting24 – Single, Premium and Business web hosting. The beginning prices are $3.99/month and 7.85/month, which are meant for three year registration. Each package permits for bandwidth, unlimited disk storage, email accounts as well as databases. The important difference between them is that only Business Plan includes Daily Backups, unlimited FTP users, Free SSL and add-on domains.

VPS Hosting - The Virtual Private Server or VPS as it is commonly known is for those websites that have higher volume of traffic and need a server capacity that is reserved solely for it but maybe not on scale of an entire server. This conundrum is solved by the Virtual Private Servers, these server plans are much like the shared server but in this case a specific fraction of the server memory and power is reserved exclusively for the use of the website in question. Since these servers still operate remotely, they are known as Virtual Private Servers. The Hosting24 coupon or promo code discounts prices of the Virtual Private Servers. This comes along with numerous add-ons like full time customer helpline support, free domain name registration and a range of server location to choose from. This decision has to be made keeping in mind the primary markets and the load times for that market from various servers.

This permits webmasters scale their service requires from 1024 MB memory, 1,000 MB disk storage, 1,000 GB bandwidth, and 1,000 MHz CPU speed via a 30MB/s connection. There are up to eight VPS hosting solutions and the price ranges from $10.78/month to $86.24/month. It helps multiple OS templates, such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, etc. Check our hosting24 coupon codes and you can get lifetime discount on buying VPS hosting at Hosting24.

Reseller hosting - Hosting24 provides two options for reseller users, and they are business and starter. As shown, the hosting24 for the packages are $14.85/month and $24.85/month. Every package comes standard with Control Panel account, email accounts as well as database. The starter package limits bandwidth to 500 GB, 50 GB disk storage, excluding any site creation instruments for reseller clients.

Hosting24 Features

Hosting24 Quick Access Speed - Hosting24 utilizes up-to-date program and standard hardware to make sure best performance. Additional, it has a policy of highest of 300 users each server. The loading time of the firm average 1.37s, this is very remarkable.

Hosting24 Technical Support - Based on our true experience oh Hosting24 technical support, this firm makes best on the promise of responsive help service. We try to contact hosting24 help staff via internet chat. Once sending out the message, we get an answer in a few seconds. The help staff is patient to reply our request and support us solve the issue perfectly.

Besides, that email, ticket system and phone are also accessible for webmaster if there is a need to contact Hosting24 help team. The hosting24 blog is set here to provide the hosting24 coupon codes or holiday sales to customers.

Hosting24 Networks - Hosting24 locates all servers in Asheville and Dallas, privately gathered in Immedion data center. The data center is furnished with Tier One internet access platform. To stop an outage, this firm supports the full network with improved technologies.

The Border Gateway protocol, Gateway Failover, Redundant Cisco Routing and some other features are all job on the network. The 24/7 onsite networking watching ensures that all infrastructures are running perfect-around the clock.

Hosting24 Control Panel - Hosting24 combine both shared hosting solutions with control panel. This permits a simple way to manage all sub domains, parked domains and add-on domains. Also, the Softaculous One-click installer permits users to install multiple applications in a few clicks. Some of the improved specs are also accessible in this powerful control Panel, like Custom Error page, IP Deny Manager, Cron Jobs and so on.

Hosting24 Security and Ease of Use - Security has been linked more and more significance by the public, as its powerful consistency with server performance. Pity for that Hosting24 does not provide the SSL or TLS manager in the Silver Plan. Additional, not a few user’s voice that their servers have been hit more or less, they have never expected to get responsive and perfect solutions. And finally, they are left to improve to the next level plan.

Now, it is claimed that all packages include Control Panel. But many people show that they have problematic hosting experience with improved cPanel. A hosting24 user said that he could not get his websites working at all and sometimes cannot access his MySQL and cPanel database for even 3 days.

Hosting24 Coupon codes

The firm provides various coupon codes that entitle the client to discount ranging from 25% to 70% on various hosting packages.

Hosting24 Awards

Hosting24 was added among the best website hosting firms for 2009 based on top standard of customer service, performance and reliability of server, pricing of its hosting packages.


Hosting24 does need broad, pre-arranged money arrangements. Anyway, you must consider the top caliber of its embedded technology, specs, as well as digital appeal of its sites. Very few competitors provide this degree of monitoring, firewall protection and tech help.

Additional, its technological specs make sure the function of even the most complex sites. Sometimes which is free is important for prime standard. Therefore, if you are seeking a website that can optimize your website hosting experience via numerous hosting, VPN and reseller options, then you should choose Hosting24 service and use our hosting24 coupon codes to get maximum discount.