DigitalOcean Promo Code, Discount and Coupon 2019

Digitalocean Promo Code 2019

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About DigitalOcean

First of all, do you know what DigitalOcean is in the first place?

We should start this article by explaining some of the main topics, so let us begin with the explanation of title topic.

DigitalOcean is type of virtual private server provider. It is based in New York City in United States of America. The company leases capacity from existing data centers, which include sites from many parts of the world like New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Singapore and Frankfurt and also many more.

If we consider its budget, we will come to information that DigitalOcean has received around $90.4 million in funding. This includes all funding across four venture rounds from companies like Techstars, Fortress Investment Group, Crunch Fund, Andreessen Horowitz and IA Ventures.

Considering its foundation period, DigitalOcean itself was founded in 2011 by two men; Ben and MoiseyUretsky and in March 2012, Mitch Walner joined in order to lead the company’s marketing efforts. Also that same year, DigitalOcean was accepted into Techstars startup accelerator program and shortly after finishing Techstars, it received its first round of seed funding from IA Ventures. In December 2013, a company calledNetcraft released a report detailing DigitalOcean’s growth as the world’s fastest growing cloud hosting service, which even surpassed Amazon Web Services in number of web-facing computers. Also in that same year, it opened its first European and Asian data centers, located in Amsterdam and Singapore, respectively and in next year, in March 2014, DigitalOcean raised $37.2 million in a series A round funding; this project was led by venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz.

In October 2014, DigitalOcean surpassed Rackspace as the fourth largest hosting provider in the world and In June 2015, which made DigitalOcean becoming the second largest hosting provider in the world.

In July 2015, the company managed to raise $83 million in a series B round funding, led by Access Industries with participation from Andreessen Horowitz and in September 2015, DigitalOcean opened its first Canadian data center, which is now located in Toronto.

DigitalOcean was featured in many publications. Some of them include The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg, Techcrunch and many others. DigitalOcean also provides a Community resource, which then provides developer-to-developer forums and tutorials on both open source and sysadmin topics. It is also very important to say that as of August 2014, the Community resource had received around two million visitors per month and that it has more than one thousand vetted tutorials.

Why use DigitalOcean in the first place?

There are many reasons why should one use DigitalOcean. For example, when you start using it you will immediately see that DigitalOcean Documentation covers all kinds of extensive tutorials, walkthroughs and guides. From setting up a simple LAMP stack to deploying complex Kubernetes cluster, DigitalOcean’s documentation covers it all. The best thing about it is that the tutorials are useful for developers working on any cloud platform. Next time, when you want to learn a cutting edge open source technology, which this provider provides, make sure to check out DigitalOcean’s documentation.

One other reason for using it is because of its simple UI and its minimalistic approach. This is especially comparable if you try to use other popular cloud providers, which are complicated fair bit. Here, this is not the case. Combined with its minimalistic approach in, what looks like a robust providing program, DigitalOcean proves to be an excellent platform for running mainstream open source workloads.

Furthermore, the pricing of DigitalOcean is also very affordable if not cheap, if you try to compare with other providers. With only $5 a month, it’s not only cheap, but it also provides easy to learn structure of data. There are no complex calculators that can confuse you to guess your usage and developers can get started for as low as only $5. The choice of hourly and monthly payment also makes it more affordable and predictable for early stage startups. And in reality, all droplets are billed hourly, up until a monthly cap which means, there will be no surprise money take-out from bills.

What is a promo code in the first place?

By now, it is well known that DigitalOcean is one of the best hosting providers that are out there. The best feature about it is that it offers relatively low-priced, but high quality service; it will provide great hosting plan and also big VPS server.

This means that you can start with only $5 per month with space of 512 MB of memory with 1 Core CPU, 20 GB SSD disk and 1 TB bandwidth.

DigitalOcean is also known as very simple open cloud VPS hosting, which is based on US Company. Even now, literally anyone, who signs up for an account can receive a $10 to $20 free credits with promo (promotional) code, which will mean that you will get a two months or four months free VPS hosting when you decide and buy a $5 VPS plan.

Moreover, after the sale, you will see that service is very professional and that the supporters will answer to you in a very quick and professional manner. You do not need to worry about the payment method, because you can easily use PayPal in order for you to pay.

Let us mention some of the special promo codes. This very month, DigitalOcean had launched a competitive SSD – based Virtual Servers and its promo code is very useful for anyone who wants to find a decent hosting or good server provider. For just $10 free credit, you will be able to use DigitalOcean service for around two months.

Also, good thing to remember when using the promo code is to use the promo code right after you had registered. That is the only way for you to get a credit. One other important thing about DigitalOcean is that it uses only one promo code per account, which means that if you already have one promo code before, you will not be able to add another.